Section C is the Welsh Pony of Cob Type and Section D is the Welsh Cob.
The main difference is size: Section C's do not exceed 13.2 h.h. (137.2 cms)
while Section D's are larger.

The Welsh Pony of Cob Type, Section C, is the stronger counterpart of the Welsh Pony,
but with Cob blood. Their true worth as a dual purpose animal has been fully
realised in recent years, and their numbers have increased accordingly.
Active, surefooted and hardy, they are ideal for
so many purposes both for adults and children.
Like all the Welsh Breeds they are natural jumpers and they also excel in
harness there are in fact few things that they can't be used for.

* Detailed description of Section C *

"The best riding and driving horse in the world"

"First the foot then the feather, you'll build the top but the bottom  - never!"

Colnevalley Rasgall Cathael Ethel Tyntyla Little Madam (2012)
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